Discover the Sacred in Your City: Insights from a Manhattan Shaman

In this enlight­en­ing episode, a native New York­er and urban shaman, shares his deeply per­son­al jour­ney into shaman­ism sparked by a sig­nif­i­cant loss in 1996. He recounts how a spir­i­tu­al work­shop helped him redis­cov­er laugh­ter and joy amidst grief, lead­ing him to explore shaman­is­m’s rich prac­tices. Tony describes the serendip­i­ty of his spir­i­tu­al awak­en­ing through var­i­ous work­shops in New York City and the last­ing con­nec­tions he made there, includ­ing drum cir­cles and men­tor­ships that deeply influ­enced his path.

As an urban shaman, he finds sacred­ness in the bustling envi­ron­ment of New York City. From the robust green­ery of Cypress Hills in Brook­lyn to the spir­i­tu­al sta­bil­i­ty he feels from Manhattan’s bedrock, Tony illus­trates how the city’s nat­ur­al and archi­tec­tur­al ele­ments con­tribute to his shaman­ic prac­tices. He shares fas­ci­nat­ing insights into cre­at­ing sacred spaces in his apart­ment, where he con­ducts drum cir­cles and spir­i­tu­al gath­er­ings that leave vis­i­tors with a last­ing impres­sion of peace and har­mo­ny.

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Chap­ter Mark­ers

0:01 Jour­ney Into Shaman­ism in New York
9:14 Spir­i­tu­al Ener­gy in Urban Envi­ron­ments
21:18 Sacred Sites in Urban Envi­ron­ments
34:26 Shaman­ic Edu­ca­tion and Soul Retrieval

Guest Bio

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