Shamanic Quest for Wholeness: Embracing Soul Retrieval and the Healing Power of Nature

Under­stand­ing Soul Loss and Recov­ery in Mod­ern Times

Have you ever felt like a piece of you was miss­ing, spir­it­ed away by life’s trau­mas? Elaine Egidio, a sage in the realms of shaman­ic heal­ing, joins us to reveal how soul retrieval can be the bridge back to a com­plete self. Through her pro­found wis­dom, we tra­verse the ter­rain of the soul, dis­cov­er­ing the signs of our essence in hid­ing and the cathar­tic jour­ney to reclaim it. Elaine peels back the lay­ers of vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty that stem from lost soul parts, illus­trat­ing the shaman­is­tic col­lab­o­ra­tions that guide these frag­ments home and the emo­tion­al awak­en­ing that fol­lows.

As we nav­i­gate the emo­tion­al land­scape of soul retrieval, the con­ver­sa­tion nat­u­ral­ly flows into the sym­bi­ot­ic rela­tion­ship between our grief and nature’s vital­i­ty. Elaine offers a per­spec­tive on how tend­ing to our grief is akin to keep­ing the soul’s fire ablaze, pre­vent­ing it from turn­ing cold and rigid with­in us. We exchange insights on the metaphors and sym­bols that appear as bea­cons in this heal­ing prac­tice, with nature and love often at their core. The dia­logue we share is an explo­ration of the heart, an invi­ta­tion to wit­ness how the per­son­al mend­ing of our rup­tured spir­its can echo change across the world, offer­ing solace in the relent­less pace of mod­ern life. Join us for this soul-stir­ring episode that promis­es more than just stories—it offers a map to find the lost pieces of our­selves.


0:39 John Moir: The Essence of Grief
John Moir intro­duces the pod­cast, dis­cussing grief’s pro­found impact on the soul and its defi­ance against numb­ness. He sets the stage for explor­ing grief’s vital­i­ty in every­day life.

2:32 Elaine Egidio: Under­stand­ing Soul Loss and Recov­ery
Elaine Egidio explains the con­cept of soul loss due to trau­ma and the shaman­ic process of soul retrieval for heal­ing and restor­ing whole­ness.

5:53 John Moir: Per­son­al Expe­ri­ence with Soul Retrieval
John shares his trans­for­ma­tive expe­ri­ence with soul retrieval, empha­siz­ing its pow­er in reunit­ing with lost parts of the self.

8:00 Elaine Egidio: The Impact of Grief on Self-Iden­ti­ty
Elaine dis­cuss­es how unre­solved grief can lead to feel­ings of sad­ness, dis­tress, and a loss of self-worth, stress­ing the impor­tance of address­ing these emo­tions.

10:36 John Moir: The Influ­ence of Grief
John reflects on the teach­ings of Fran­cis Weller and the con­nec­tion between grief, numb­ness, and the loss of life essence.

19:04 Elaine Egidio: The Process of Soul Retrieval
Elaine delves into the specifics of con­duct­ing soul retrievals, includ­ing the feel­ings and expe­ri­ences that arise dur­ing this heal­ing process.

33:26 John Moir: Clos­ing Remarks on Grief and Heal­ing
John con­cludes the episode by high­light­ing the role of grief cir­cles in pro­vid­ing sup­port and encour­ag­ing lis­ten­ers to explore grief and heal­ing through shaman­ic prac­tices.


Guest Bio

Rev. Elaine M. Egidio is a board-cer­ti­fied dance move­ment ther­a­pist and shaman­ic prac­ti­tion­er, lead­ing Danc­ing Winds Ther­a­py in New Jer­sey. With exten­sive exper­tise in men­tal health coun­selling and shaman­ism, she teach­es at the Foun­da­tion for Shaman­ic Stud­ies and con­tributes as a colum­nist. Elaine’s jour­ney includes a BA in Dance, a Mas­ter’s in Cre­ative Arts Ther­a­py, and diverse roles in psy­chi­atric and addic­tion set­tings. At Danc­ing Winds Ther­a­py, she com­bines dance ther­a­py, coun­selling, and shaman­ic heal­ing. View Elaine’s web­site here.

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Show intro­duc­tion: One Drum: Sto­ries and Cer­e­monies for a Plan­et by Richard Wagamese
Intro: Remem­ber Back When — Josef Falken­skold,
Out­ro: Yel­low taxi-Del­i­cate Beats,


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