Podcast: Nature & Environment

Discover the Sacred in Your City: Insights from a Manhattan Shaman

In this enlight­en­ing episode, a native New York­er and urban shaman, shares his deeply per­son­al jour­ney into shaman­ism sparked by a sig­nif­i­cant loss in 1996. He recounts how a spir­i­tu­al work­shop helped him redis­cov­er laugh­ter and joy amidst grief, lead­ing him to explore shaman­is­m’s rich prac­tices. Tony describes the serendip­i­ty of his spir­i­tu­al awak­en­ing through…

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Nature’s Embrace in Overcoming Grief and Loss

Grief usu­al­ly treads a soli­tary path but dis­cov­ers a sur­pris­ing ally in nature. We exam­ine the trans­for­ma­tive effect of the Black-Eyed Susan, a flower that reframes our trau­ma and loss nar­ra­tives. We also dis­cuss how plants sup­port emo­tion­al heal­ing and offer solace through our con­nec­tions with them.

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Healing Canopies: Stories from the Forest

Per­son­al Reflec­tions and Insights on For­est Ther­a­py Walks Feel the puls­ing heart­beat of the earth and the whis­per of leaves as Bren­da Mar­tin, a for­est ther­a­py guide, leads us on a quest for tran­quil­li­ty amid the forests’ embrace. Her insights promise more than just a walk among trees; they offer a door­way to the soul’s…

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